Woman’s stolen car was returned with over 100 love letters from strangers inside


Stolen car stories don’t always have a happy, let alone fun ending. However, a piece of weird car news caught our attention recently, and we thought our readers might enjoy it as well. This is the story of a car theft victim whose vehicle was found and returned to her a week later containing unexpected items.

Atlanta Woman Was Car Robbed And Received Love Letters In Return

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Our story begins in Atlanta, where resident Hattie Gelhausen discovered that her car had once been stolen from her home. Luckily for Gelhausen, she wasn’t too long without her car. The police found him and returned him a week later.

According to Fox5, the car was no longer in the same condition as when Gelhausen had lost it. Instead, it was full of an assortment of random items. “All sorts of random stuff, dog bowls, vases, nude drawings. It looks like our car was used in a series of smash and grabs and a ride until it ran out of gas,” Gelhausen explained.

One particular set of items found in the car stood out: a remarkable collection of love letters.

What we know about love letters

Gelhausen didn’t just find a few love letters and telegrams left in his vehicle when it was returned. She found over 100, clearly decades old.

Unfortunately, it is unknown who might be the owner of the letters. There are only a few clues, including the fact that they are addressing “Barbro” and something that sounds like “Pony”. The majority of the letters come from London or Chelsea and are signed by someone named Keith.

Also among the documents found by Gelhausen was a photo of an unidentified man who the Atlanta resident believes could be Keith himself. She finds the mysterious man intriguing and endearing, especially after reading so many love letters he may have written.

Gelhausen hopes that by publicizing his discovery, their original owner could eventually get them back. She thinks the person must care a lot about them, given how many of them have been saved for so many years.

Other stolen cars returned after much longer

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Other bizarre stories about stolen cars have also surfaced in recent years. First off, Gelhausen isn’t the only auto theft victim to get her vehicle back with a few unexpected extra items. Take the story of Ron Reolfi, whose 1968 Chevy Camaro was stolen in the 1980s right from his work parking lot. Although he searched for it for some time, he finally gave it up for lost. Amazingly, over three decades later, the police found the car and returned it to Reolfi. He was amazed to discover that it came with a new underside, refurbished from the brakes to the engine.

Then there’s the mysterious story of a 1979 Porsche 924 stolen in Medford, Oregon in 1991 and missing without a trace for decades. It was eventually discovered at the bottom of a ravine in 2017 by a man walking his dog. Strangely, there was no sign of a body in the vehicle, leaving police and others wondering what might have happened to the thief.

To add to the mystery, the car didn’t appear to be covered in the moss and mold that one would expect after so many years in such a humid environment. People wondered if the car had been pushed into the ravine more recently. If so, what had happened to him in the previous three decades? The mystery may never be solved.

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