Wary parents should ‘take your kids somewhere else,’ Maine teacher warns


If the parents“It’s not like the way public school teachers instruct their children, they should pick them up and go,” the head of a local teachers’ union in Maine said at a formal community meeting.

third grade teacher Erin Yorkpresident of the Hermon Education Association (HEA), passionately addressed parents at a Hermon School Committee Meet the 3rd of October.

Those of you whoDon’t trust us, you can take your kids somewhere else,” the 18-year-old teacher said during her three-minute speech. “If you think there isIt’s more suitable for your family, just do it.

But please don’tI don’t think you know whatit’s better for all the kids,” York’s parents warned. “And donDo not try to exhaust our incredible educators and administrators that we have in our district. »

She urged the committee members, “Defend us!

The Epoch Times reported in September that Hermon’s parents have spoken out against sexually explicit books in school libraries. They also opposed rooms decorated to celebrate LGBT ideology and clubs promoting gender experimentation.

An LGBT book exhibit at Hermon High School in Maine in November 2021. (Courtesy of Shawn McBreairty, Maine First Project and Maine Source Of Truth)

York’s comments appeared to be a response to this backlash.

Resistant Parents

HermonThe Maine school district has filed a lawsuit against Maine parental rights activist Shawn McBreairty.

District opposes how McBreairty posted on Twitter about Mallory Cook, a teacher at Hermon High School, after creating an exhibit of 40 transgender books in the library.

According to the Hermon School Department lawsuit, McBreairty accused a school employee of being a sexual predator” and child grooming”, Maine Public reported.

On his YouTube channel, McBreairty also shared a video of Hermon School committee member Christopher McLaughlin praising explicit sexuality. book Gender Queer.McLaughlin made the comments during an Oct. 4 webinar hosted by Maine Family Planning.

I am thinking of the book “Gender Queer”, which is a book that I personally adore; heis in my library behind me,” McLaughlin said during the presentation titled “Showing Up for Inclusive Sex Ed.”

“If this were taken from the pages of any number of adult magazines, it would immediately be porn stamped and removed from there.”

The book includes graphic cartoon illustrations of sex acts, including between men, and a link to an explicit website. McBreairtys video shows the controversy pictures. YouTube shut down his account because the video was too graphic for its standards, he told The Epoch Times.

Epoch Times Photo
An article directs students to a list of preferred gender pronouns to use at Gorham High School, Maine. (Courtesy of a Gorham High School student who wished to remain anonymous)

In the video, McLaughlin also mentions that his council rejected a parental attempt to remove a book.

McBreairty told The Epoch Times that the parent took issue with Milk and Honey,” a book of poetry by Rupi Kaur that includes sketches of naked women and couples having sex.

McLaughlin asked others at the webinar for advice on how to advocate for the retention of books containing sexual images at school libraries.

“And the piece that I haveI still need support to respond to this idea or the accusation we havere allowing a pornographic image at school.

During his speech to the Hermon school committee, York said activists who posted photos of teachers reading books to students online were leading attacks on educators.

If we were doctors, lawyers or electricians, no one would tell us that the way we do our job is wrong,” York said.

“They wouldDon’t call us groomers or pedophiles, or say we indoctrinate children. They would donot to bully us online, or post our names and pictures of us reading books for our students, perpetuating hate.

York asked the school committee to help fight those who criticize teachers.

Please defend us. Say something to those ignorant enough to slander us. Sometimes the silence can be very strong.

Teachers know best

Parents should trust teachers as experts, York added.

The educators here know whatit’s better for our students,” she said. “We have the training. We have the knowledge. We have the experience.

And everything we do is for our students,” she added.

She said teachers spend sleepless nights thinking about how to help children whose families maynot help them.

His words received loud applause. A parent who attended the meeting told The Epoch Times that it appeared only the teachers, not the parents, applauded York’s monologue.

Jackson Elliot


Jackson Elliott reports on small town America for The Epoch Times. He learned to write and research the truth at Northwestern University. He believes that the most important actions are small and that, as Dostoyevsky says, everyone is responsible for everyone and everything. When he’s not writing, he enjoys running, reading and spending time with friends. Contact Jackson by emailing [email protected]


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