TRS chief arrested for trying to slit woman’s throat in Hyderabad


A Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) leader in Hyderabad has been convicted for allegedly attacking a woman and attempting to slit her throat.

The alleged incident took place in the Panjagutta area of ​​Hyderabad. The woman, identified as Nisha (35) is undergoing treatment at a private hospital and is in critical condition.

Panjagutta Police Circle Inspector Harish Chandra Reddy said: “We have registered an FIR and a case has been registered against 448, 324, 354(a)506 IPC sections.”

The police action comes after a video showing Nisha writhing in pain with cut marks on her neck went viral.

The woman’s husband claimed that Vijay Sinha Reddy tried to slit his wife’s throat in the early hours of Monday.

“She called me two or three times at the hospital where the cops were also present. She said the attacker was Vijay Sinha, the AP of Jublee Hills MLA,” the woman’s husband said.

The man further claimed that Sinha was a friend of his wife and used to call her several times a day.

“He was calling my wife’s number several times. I heard the call recordings between them and he was doing naked video calls,” the man said.

“But finding the house address and attacking is unexpected. Now she is judgmental and oblivious. All she could say, she has said now. My fear is that he is associated with the deputy and that they have rowdies with them. us again,” he added.

However, Reddy called it a conspiracy and blamed the area’s former deputy mayor for trying to frame him. Speaking to the press, Sinha said, “I am the TRS Party Coordinator of Borabanda Division. For the past six years, I have worked as Deputy Mayor for the former Deputy Mayor and current Corporal of Borabanda division, Baba Fasiuddin. After witnessing his extortion and conspiracy activities, I left him and worked hard for the development of the party.”

“A week ago, I learned that he (Baba Fasiuddin) had hatched a plot and paid them (the wife and her husband) 3,000 rupees to file a complaint against me. Yesterday a report was circulating that I tried to murder the women at night around 1 a.m. I have evidence of where I was at that time. The police are investigating in the evening and all the facts will come out by the police department,” he added.

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