Top 6 of 6: the most watched videos this week


(WOWT) – Below are WOWT’s most-watched videos, most-clicked stories, and most-engaged social media posts for the week ending Friday, October 14.

The 6 best videos of WOWT

6. Teenager treated for gunshot wound after accident in Omaha

A teenager accidentally shot himself in the leg during an accident.

A teenager was treated for a gunshot wound after an accident

5. 6 news from your side: the line left up and not underground / the overloaded customer is reimbursed

A CenturyLink line drags on and an overcharged customer finally got a refund months after being overcharged.

Two separate stories about frustration with delays. Both have a similar ending.

4. A man hides in a drain pipe in Omaha

A naked man found himself in an Omaha drainpipe and refused to come out.

A very strange scene at Shadow Ridge Country Club in West Omaha.

3. One killed in shooting in North Omaha

Neighbors in the area were frustrated by the incident and some believe the problem lies with landlords not controlling their tenants.

One person died after a shooting in North Omaha on Monday.

2. Neighbors concerned about RV parked under West Omaha Bridge

Neighbors were concerned about what was happening on public property in a west Omaha neighborhood that was out of sight.

Neighbors are concerned about what is happening on public property in a west Omaha neighborhood that is out of sight.

1. Movie being filmed in Omaha based on the Husker story

It’s a movie that involves a legend – Husker Coach Tom Osborne.

A 6 News viewer has alerted that Hollywood has moved into his neighborhood this week.

Top 6 WOWT Stories

WOWT’s 6 Most Engaging Posts

6. The tallest new building in Nebraska

5. Indigenous Peoples Day

4. Retailers will close on Thanksgiving

3. Starbucks employees pray with the customer

2. Movie being shot in Omaha

1. The Alamo Drafthouse in Omaha is closing.


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