The Ree Drummond show watches to relax


Taking care of yourself seems different to everyone. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, that might mean conquering a new ride. On the other hand, taking care of yourself or “me for a day” can also feel like a shopping spree, a movie marathon, or a trip to the nail salon. However, for acclaimed TV personality and successful businesswoman Ree Drummond, taking care of yourself is like watching episodes of Bravo’s hit franchise “Real Housewives.” Talk with American weekly, The Pioneer Woman has revealed that her favorite way to unwind is by watching and analyzing housewives in New York City, Orange County, Beverly Hills, Dallas and more. “I would like to say that I read a book about history, but what I do is watch ‘Real Housewives’. It’s my guilty pleasure,” she said.

But Drummond’s relationship with “Real Housewives is more than a fan-ship, it’s an obsession. As a longtime fan and follower of the franchise, she emphasizes that it was inevitable that she would “become attached” to women and their interesting lives and families. “I not only love watching ‘Real Housewives’, but I also love trying to analyze why I watch ‘Real Housewives’; that’s part of the fun.” Maybe Drummond would be ready to launch The Real Housewives of Pawhuska? Just a thought …

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