The expert guide to protecting your outdoor furniture


The amount of work that goes into invest in furniture elevating your outdoor space takes a major commitment. If your plans for this summer included creating a dream patio escape, we’re here with you, but you can’t forget to buy outdoor furniture covers. These are necessary essentials to protect your oasis from harmful UV rays and precipitation.

“Storing outdoor furniture is like parking your car in a garage,” Maggie Gienger, Director of Interior Design at Arhausshare with Beautiful house. “Your car will be fine parked outside, but it will look shiny and new longer if stored properly when not in use.”

resort worthy pool deck chairs clever ideas for stay cool on your terracethe secret to fully enjoying your garden furniture protect him as long as possible. We spoke to industry experts for tips on storing your patio set and the best waterproof, highly durable outdoor furniture covers.

What to consider before buying:


Measure your furniture before purchasing an outdoor furniture cover. A custom fit prevents dirt, debris and water from touching the cushions or frame. A large cover can protect your sofa Where above ground pool, while a smaller cover can cover your armchairs, side tables and cushions. If you have a patio setstacking the pieces will allow you to use a large lid to secure it.


“Outdoor furniture covers will extend the life of your outdoor furniture by keeping the elements at bay so you can enjoy your set year after year,” Terry Lin, co-founder and chief design officer of Outside Explain. “Most outdoor furniture materials including teak, aluminum, wicker would benefit from covers, especially in the colder winter months.”

Protect your furniture from fading and mildew with furniture covers that can withstand any storm. Covers made of polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer, are ideal. Overall, outdoor performance fabrics feature UV-resistant and water-repellent qualities that maximize durability.


Storing your furniture should be simple! Lin suggests choosing furniture covers that incorporate:

  • Straps and buckles: Ensures your cover stays in place
  • Zippers: A user-friendly feature to help you cover correctly every time
  • Dry vents: Prevents moisture build-up

Lin adds an additional pro tip: “Go a step further and look for furniture covers with angled angles to effectively shed water (instead of allowing water to pool and seep).” For more good news? All of the options below are under $200! Now is the time to plan ways to maintain the quality of your outdoor renovation – shop around and don’t delay!


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