The Artnet NFT 30 Report: Meet the Artists, Innovators, and Collectors Who Built Our New Era of Crypto-Art (Part 2)



Photo: Visual China Group / Getty Images

At 26, Chinese techno-entrepreneur Justin Sun was already considered a prodigy, having developed a live streaming app similar to Snapchat. But he rose to fame when Alibaba CEO Jack Ma chose him to attend Hupan University, the elite business school he founded to train the next generation of Chinese business visionaries, making Sun his first millennial graduate. It didn’t take long for him to put the theory into practice: just two years later, Sun jumped to the center of the burgeoning crypto industry, founding the famous blockchain platform TRON.

Now 31, Sun has since gained a reputation for being constantly hungry for new opportunities and willing to pay to access them. Last year, for example, he spent $ 4.5 million sharing a meal with revered financier Warren Buffett. He then took the opportunity to give him 1,930,830 TRON tokens. Lately, Sun has entered the NFT arena with overwhelming force, first becoming known as a major player when he became the under-bidder on the $ 69.3 million Beeple at Christie’s last March (he lost the price due to a technical problem). He has since obtained his Beeple, the NFT Facing the ocean, which he bought for $ 6 million, plus five more, but also broadened his scope to purchase classic modern art at auction, paying $ 20 million for a Picasso Marie nude – Thérèse, $ 2 million for a self-portrait of Warhol and, more recently, a whopping $ 78 million for Giacometti The nose this november.


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