Social media influencer arrested for rape in Kerala, his ‘mustache’ reels go viral


Vineeth Vijayan reportedly offered to help women increase their Instagram followers and then profit from it.

After Vineeth Vijayan, a 25-year-old social media influencer from Thiruvananthapuram, was arrested for allegedly raping a 22-year-old woman, his ‘mustache’ reels went viral. Troll pages have posted videos of his reels, in which he twirls his mustache or shows it off, as the heroes of Malayalam films once did. Vineeth posted her videos on the Instagram handles meesa_fan_girl and vineeth_official.

According to the police complaint, Vineeth had summoned the survivor to a lodge on the pretext of accompanying him to buy a new vehicle. The woman was then allegedly raped in the dressing room following which she was admitted to a hospital. Vineeth was charged with rape, threats and indecent exposure of the woman.

Police also found numerous videos and photos of naked women on Vineeth’s phone. They said Vineeth used these videos to threaten women with sexual favors.

According to police, he would “lure” women into promising to help them increase their Instagram following and then take advantage of it. He allegedly used other platforms to record intimate videos and then threatened them.

Recently, another vlogger named Nevin Agustine from Mattancherry of Ernakulam district was also arrested by police for encouraging a student to use ganja. In a video chat between Nevin and the underage girl that went viral, he was seen pushing the girl to use different strains of ganja.

Nevin is a dancer and traveler who posts videos of his street dance performances in and out of the country.


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