Nikita Rawal covers her nudity with a banana leaf!


Does Nikita Rawal imitate Kiara Advani by covering nudity with a banana leaf

Bollywood actresses are not shy about getting bold on screen or off. They always look confident in whatever they do. There are plenty of actresses who have gone beyond daring and posed topless. They broke all stereotypes and we couldn’t be happier. While there are quarterbacks who still rave about Bollywood celebrities in bikinis, we applaud others who have decided to be more liberal.

Gorgeous diva Nikita Rawal rose to fame with her hit movies like Garam Masala and Amma ki Boli. She was then seen in many other films and music videos as a lead actress.

Nikita Rawal is making headlines about one of her photoshoots. She shared some photos on social networks, in which we see her posing between the sheets. After seeing these images, fans remembered Kiara Advani’s photoshoot.

She created ripples all over social media with her bold photo. The actress posed with nothing but a sheet in front of her, and soon after her snap was shared, the internet lost its collective composure.


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