Murder of a Karnataka doctor planned by a partner who had an affair: Police | bangalore


A 27-year-old woman who was arrested last month in connection with the murder of her partner, a doctor based in Bengaluru, had planned it in advance, police said on Monday.

On September 19, Bengaluru Police arrested the 27-year-old architect and three of his friends in connection with the murder of Dr Vikas Rajan.

The accused misled police in their investigation, a senior police official told HT, citing new revelations in the case. “Earlier she claimed she was not involved in the murder, but our investigation revealed that she was having an affair with one of the defendants in the case and that the murder was premeditated,” said the officer, who is part of the team investigating the murder. case, requesting anonymity.

The duo met on social media two years ago and quickly started living together. They had even planned to get married and their families were aware of it, the officer said.

“During the investigation, we discovered that the woman was having an affair with a Susheel, who is also a defendant in the case, despite having agreed to marry the doctor,” the officer said. “The doctor found out about her affair, which led to a confrontation.”

When she continued with her affair even after her partner objected, she planned with other defendants to murder him, the officer said.

“The murder was well planned. Initially, it was suspected that it was an assault gone wrong. Then his role in the plan was revealed,” the officer said. “It wasn’t until her interrogation that it came to light that she was having an affair, and we found out the murder had been planned.”

Initially, the woman alleged that she murdered the doctor after he uploaded her nude photos and videos to social media by creating a fake account.

Dr Rajan, who completed his MBBS in Ukraine, had moved to Bengaluru two years ago after working at a hospital in Chennai, police said.

On September 11, Rajan was hospitalized with serious injuries and then slipped into a coma and died three days later, the officer said.

Following a complaint from his brother, Vijay Rajan, the police registered a case of unnatural death as the body of the deceased bore marks of injuries. Police began their investigation by interviewing those who admitted him to hospital, including the architect, the officer added.

The woman had claimed to have discovered that Rajan had created a fake identity card and uploaded her nude photos to social media. “When she confronted Rajan, he said he created a fake ID and posted the photos just for fun. She was furious and decided to teach him a lesson,” police said, citing her initial statement.

The woman reportedly approached her friends and they scheduled a meeting at one of their locations. On September 10, the accused and her friends assaulted the doctor with a mop and a bottle of water, police said, adding that the accused rushed him to hospital after he had fainted.

“The woman also called Rajan’s older brother and told him that she had gone out of the house to attend a phone call when a fight broke out between her partner and his friends,” the officer said as quoted above. -above.

“She initially tried to blame her friends and said she was not part of the attack. However, after repeated questioning and cross-examination, we learned that she was involved in the crime” , added the officer.


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