Lambo ‘Lo-Res’ at auction for the benefit of an alternative fuel organization



From now until October 15, you can bid on this rare Countach-style “lo-res” electric vehicle. It may not be legal on the streets, but it is charitable. Half of the proceeds from the auction will benefit hydrogen fuel cell research.

The Lo-Res concept car is not a new whip. It goes around the block once or twice. This unique prototype out of four VE was developed in 2016 by the shoe company United Nude.

At the time, the Lo-Res Car was more of a press court tool than anything else. (One of his identical prototypes debuted in Rich The Kid’s “New Freezer ft. Kendrick Lamar” Musical clip in 2017.)

But this week it’s heading towards a bigger and better goal.

Low resolution auction information

The Lambo-inspired Lo-Res is now up for auction. And 50% of the profits will benefit Energy independence now, a non-profit environmental association that fights climate change and the fossil fuel industry by promoting hydrogen fuel cell technology. The remaining proceeds will go towards the maintenance of the Disruptors exhibit at the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.

The online auction house, Bring a Trailer, will be accepting bids until October 15, 2021 at 2:30 p.m. PT. Just about anyone with the right amount of coins can bid on this weird, futuristic machine. At the time of writing, the auction was only $ 45,000, with just nine bidders vying.

To bid, go to Bring a trailer.

Learn more about the auction recipient by following Energy Independence Now on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

(photo / Peterson Automotive Museum, Bring a Trailer)

Lo-Res concept car specifications

  • Year: 2017
  • Model: Prototype # 03 (1 of 4 never made)
  • Frame: Steel tube frame with metal wheel housings
  • Motor: KDS 5kW electric
  • Transmission: Single speed
  • Brakes: Front wheel disc
  • Body: 12 tinted polycarbonate panels
  • Opening mechanism: Electrically controlled and remotely controlled clamshell
  • Seats: Tandem (front and rear) two people
  • Billboard: Metric speedometer, mileage
  • Interior control panel: Ignition switch, battery charge level indicator, functional rocker switches
  • Flying: Hexagonal chrome
  • Lighting: front and rear light bars (exterior), illuminated United Nude logos; (interior) complete accent bars on ceiling and side
lo res exterior rear c bring a trailer
(photo / Peterson Automotive Museum, Bring a Trailer)
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