How Victoria Beckham recreates her chic and spicy makeup today


Victoria Beckham Beauty’s brand Victoria Beckham has been a huge success, with many of its products being considered cult favorites and many of its releases constantly selling (via The Zoe report). The business mogul has given die-hard fans what they need by merging the past and the present and using his new line of beauty products to showcase how to create the legendary Posh Spice makeup.

Teaming up with Bergdorf Goodman at an event, Beckham discussed how you could use his current products to mimic Posh Spice (via Yahoo!). “Posh Spice wouldn’t have been Posh Spice without a smoky eye and a perfect nude lip,” Beckham shared exclusively. “Starting with a smoky eye is key, and I like it when it’s a little flawed and smeared. I’m obsessed with our Satin Kajal Liner – it was developed for that – it’s so creamy and fade ‘he took, it’s waterproof and super long-lasting “(via In the style).

As for the “Perfect Posh Mud,” Beckham shares her favorite lipstick in the Twist shade that Posh Spice is said to have approved. She then completes the look with a few additional steps: “I then layer my Lip liner shade 02 over my lipstick to create extra definition. I crown the look with my perfectly clear crystal Shiny chic for an incredible dimension, ”Beckham shares.


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