First impression of the new season of the Kapil Sharma Show: new characters, old jokes make up this mediocre episode


After keeping fans waiting for months, Kapil Sharma kicked off the new season of The Kapil Sharma Show on Saturday night. Back from his international shows and ready to visit the Toronto Film Festival with his film Zwigato, the comedian was seen flaunting a fresh new look and attitude. The show too saw a change with some entrances and exits and a new ‘mohalla’ as decor. However, avid watchers of the show would know that the jokes remain the same, some that make you smile but never laugh, and others that make you roll your eyes.

The first episode of the new season started with Akshay Kumar joining the team and saying that he will always be there even if he is not invited. It also introduced the show’s new characters and laid the groundwork for some rather lukewarm performances. Whether it was Kiku Sharda’s laundress Gudiya or Sumona Chakravarti as the forgotten wife and her family, the characters failed to connect.

Cuttputlli’s team was the first guest of the Kapil Sharma Show. (Photo: PR)

At one point, Kapil Sharma called his wife ‘behenji’ and claimed that ‘the lock mein jo bhi hua bhul gaya’. Trying to escape the “marriage”, we see him laying eyes on Ghazal, the newcomer to the mohalla. Srishty Rode suits the role with her pretty face and attractive personality, however, she has to pull her socks off when it comes to acting. Comedian Ace Siddhartha Sagar has also joined the show and manages to cut the amused bones of the audience with his punches.

Even with so many people walking in and out of the stage, the interactions didn’t elicit great laughs, it wasn’t until Cuttputlli’s crew entered the stage that the show picked up steam. Akshay and Kapil’s chemistry was the highlight of the episode as they pulled each other’s legs; the Bollywood star accused Kapil of jinxing his movies, even though Kapil teased Akshay about signing Raksha Bandhan after romanticizing so many women onscreen.

Akshay Kumar and Kapil Sharma’s chemistry was the highlight of the episode. (Photo: PR)

Actors Sargun Mehta, Chandrachur Singh and producer Jackky Bhagnani quickly joined in the fun. While Sargun and Kapil remembered their time at Comedy Circus, the host didn’t give a chance to shoot Jackky and Rakul Preet. “Film ke chakkar mein yaha aaye hai ya Rakul ke,” he asked Jackky, as she blushed. Chandrachur Singh also found himself the victim of Kapil’s joke when asked if his character died in the second episode of Sushmita Sen’s star Aarya over Lalit Modi’s persistence. Taken aback by the statement, the actor responded rather coyly, stating, “Kuch aur baat karte hai.”

Kiku’s Gudiya made a comeback while interacting with a guest. The only joke that made an impact was when Kiku referenced Ranveer Singh’s recent nude photo shoot. The episode then went on to dissect funny fan comments on the actors’ Instagram posts. As these Bollywood stars finished their part, fans must have been disappointed with the short and uneventful interactions.

Akshay Kumar celebrated his birthday on the Kapil Sharma Show. (Photo: PR)

Krushna Abhishek and his Sapna were greatly missed at the Kapil Sharma Show. Being a livewire, he adds a lot of grit and spark to his humor. Archana Puran Singh, looking younger, is back with his infectious laughs. Even though most of them are talented comics, the jokes haven’t quite landed. However, we would give them the benefit of the doubt, considering this is only the first episode. These actors might need a little warming up, we just hope they don’t take too long.


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