Exterior painting and double bass among the new courses offered by MSA

Malta Society of the Arts

From plein-air painting to double bass lessons, the Malta Society of Arts is offering a new series of art courses for its winter semester starting in February.

Taught by experienced tutors in the halls of Palazzo de La Salle in Valletta, the courses on offer are aimed at learners of all ages and will run during the day and evening.

Among the courses offered by the company, the first new ‘Outdoors with Jeni Caruana’ training session will take place every Saturday morning, taking students to a mix of coastal, urban and rural locations around Malta.

During the session, MSA said, artist and tutor Jeni Caruana will guide students through the use of sketchbooks, pencil and charcoal, covering all practical drawing skills such as perspective, tone , composition and measurement, while encouraging students to discover their own artistic styles.

A second training session will take place, also outdoors, called “Experimental Outdoor Multimedia Painting Sessions”, which, according to the company, aims to generate interaction between artists of different abilities and foster greater freedom. art, reflection and experimentation with techniques.

A new double bass course has also been launched by MSA, led by world-class double bass player, Gjorgji Cincievski. According to the company, in individual sessions, both complete beginners and advanced students could develop their abilities in the instrument, touching both the pizzicato and bow techniques.

The company’s cake decorating course will see a return, covering a number of sugar craft techniques and teaching students how to use the tools and materials needed for the art. Other applied arts courses offered by the company include sewing for beginners, crochet, lace, knitting, hand embroidery, tailoring and dressmaking.

In February, other visual arts classes will also start, including nudes, clay modeling, art for hobbies (adults and adult students), art for children (of all ages) , preparatory art at O ​​level and two art workshops. for practicing artists. Violin, guitar and pianoforte lessons are also offered.


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