Ex-St. Johns County Schools assistant coach accused of having sex with then-students


ST. JOHNS, Florida. – According to an arrest report from the county sheriff’s office, a former assistant coach who was employed by the St. Johns County School Board faces two counts of sexual assault after two women – who were then female students – presented allegations.

Jail records from Wednesday night showed Tylar Fredrick Sydow Reagan, 27, was arrested on Friday. The arrest report shows Reagan began the two relationships via text and social media, and they escalated into sex. Reagan left the school district in 2018, after the allegations first surfaced.

A Sept. 4, 2018, email from Pedro Menendez’s manager to administrators notes that a student of a teacher reported that Reagan had sent him inappropriate texts — and that the sheriff’s office had been notified. Reagan’s access to school district properties and events, according to the email, has been revoked.

According to a St. Johns County School District spokesperson, Reagan was a former assistant coach for the weightlifting and track and field teams at Bartram Trail High School, and he was a volunteer at Pedro Menendez High School.

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According to the arrest report, a student was 15 years old and she met Reagan through a weightlifting program when Reagan was an assistant coach for the school’s weightlifting program. The warrant affidavit states that in March 2017, Reagan sent sexual messages via text, social media and nude photographs.

In June 2017, the report states that Reagan and the student had sex on the school campus on several occasions – the student estimated up to about 30 encounters.

In the other case, according to the warrant, the student met Reagan while training at a private gym in 2016, when she was 17, and became a member of the weightlifting and weightlifting teams. ‘Athletics. Investigators determined that Reagan was a paid assistant coach for both teams.

The report shows Reagan began contacting the 17-year-old on social media and the conversations were cordial but became “sexual and explicit in nature”. In April 2017, according to the report, Reagan and the student had sex on school property in a storage shed, and she estimated they had six different encounters.

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According to the warrant, investigators had a text conversation with Reagan on March 10, 2022, in which he admitted to engaging in sexual acts described by the two students. They interviewed Reagan a few days later, when he confirmed his old job on the board. The warrant states that he admitted to having a sexual relationship with a student during the 2018-2019 school year, as well as having a sexual relationship with a student during the April 2017 to October 2017 school year. .

News4JAX visited Reagan’s listed address on Wednesday, where we asked to speak to him. The person who answered the door immediately closed it.

One woman, who spoke with News4JAX on condition of anonymity, asked to be called Jane. She said she was attending Bartram Trail High School at the time the alleged encounters happened.

“So a lot of us had experiences with him and we all kept quiet. Some girls’ experiences with him were very different from others, but they all revolved around the same thing of sexual comments or sexual touching or going even further. And after high school, we all communicated with each other and found out that it was happening to us too. And we all had to say something. It wasn’t OK,” Jane said.

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Jane said she received nude photos of Reagan which she gave to authorities as evidence. She told us that she planned to testify in court.

Reagan was released from jail on Saturday on $500,000 bond.

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