Eternals Star Lauren Ridloff on Her Favorite Curly Hair Tips and What She Wears to Feel Confident


Lauren Ridloff


Lauren Ridloff learned a lot about her curly hair over the years.

The Eternals starwho was the first deaf actress to play a superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, knows it takes the right products to maintain her natural curls and lots of love to make them shine.

Ridloff turns to haircare brand Prose, which focuses on customization to fit exactly what your hair needs. The actress teamed up with the brand for its latest campaign and was happy to share that Prose takes care of her curls.

“I learned that when I use all these [Prose] products and layer them in the right way for what I want to achieve, I just need a lot less,” she tells PEOPLE. “I used to skim through products quickly, because I used too much as a curly haired person. When they first gave me the Prose containers, I was like, “Well, they’re too small. It won’t be enough, honey. I need more!’ No. I didn’t need more.”

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Lauren Ridloff

Lauren Ridloff

Michael Simon/StarTracks Photo

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Ridloff uses the Pre-shampoo hair mask before washing her hair, noting that it helps keep her hair hydrated before she goes in with her shampoo. She also uses a Teezer Tangle brush her locks to prevent them from breaking. She says it’s “perfect for curly hair” because it’s gentle on her locks, which are prone to damage from curls.

The actress uses the short story of Prose Styling gel to smooth flyaways and keep everything in place. “I’ve learned from stylists that I work with this with gel specifically, less can be more. It’s all about layering and blending,” she tells PEOPLE of how she finishes a look.

She also turns to gel to slick her hair back when heading to a workout, which she does often. Ridloff shares photos on instagram in his workout gear, showing his love of staying healthy. And while she likes to be glamorous for a red carpet, she much prefers being at home in pajamas or sportswear.

“Every day I feel different,” she says of what she chooses to wear and what she shares on Instagram. “Some days I wake up thinking, ‘Okay, I have to put makeup on today. I have to put on a dress to feel cute,’ because that’s exactly what I need today- the.”

In what she calls the “social media and influencer generation”, she wants to show people that it’s totally okay to be yourself on social media and share the glam days alongside the days. dressed.

“It’s all about self-expression, and some days I feel like I’m perfect just the way I am,” she told PEOPLE. “On those days, I want to feel comfortable wearing soft, makeup-free clothes. And that’s okay.”

It’s actually her workout gear that makes her feel most powerful and confident every day, she says. “When I put on my sunscreen, my running clothes and my sneakers and go for a run, that’s probably where I feel most powerful,” she shares.

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While promoting Marvel Eternals last year, however, the actress and her stylist, Jason Rembert, amped up each of her looks to take them to the opposite extreme of her racing clothes. Instead, the actress wore everything from Chloé to Versace, Prada to Elie Saab. Dressing up to promote the film directed by Chloe Zhao, also starring Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek and Richard Madden, was both fun and nerve-wracking for the star.

A Chloé patchwork coat dress she wore was one of her favorite looks of the last year, partly because it looked so good but also because it reminded her of her mother. “That Chloe coat dress was definitely gorgeous,” she says. “The leather was so soft and the color reminded me of the 70s. It reminded me of my mother – in the 70s she was such a queen.”

Lauren Ridloff

Lauren Ridloff

Lauren Ridloff/Instagram

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Glamorous looks haven’t made red carpets any less intimidating for her, though. The Walking Dead alum has walked many red carpets, but she admits they still intimidate her. “I feel so much nervous energy leading up to red carpet events,” she shares. “It’s like I can’t wait to start but also to finish it. Once on the mat, however, I find it fun. It’s the same every time. One of these days, I’ll learn that I really enjoy it!”

Her new partnership with Prose makes her the first Deaf brand ambassador the company has partnered with, furthering inclusivity in the beauty industry. When Ridloff joined the MCU as Makkari in Eternals, she also took a big step towards inclusivity as the first deaf person chosen as a superhero for the franchise. While she’s incredibly happy with these steps toward a more inclusive world, she knows there’s still a lot of work to be done in Hollywood and beyond.

“One thing I’ve talked about a lot is how representation needs to happen, not just on camera but also off screen,” she says, adding that she was so happy about the diversity and inclusion. from the Prose team. it was when she came on board. “It’s so important. The more people we have working together behind the camera, the more we can really tell true and interesting stories.”


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