Cat fight! Uorfi Javed hits out at Chahatt Khanna again for the latter’s derogatory remarks


Mumbai: Urfi Javed’s fashion sense has become a daily topic of discussion, and it’s no secret that his idiosyncratic outfits elicit as much amazement as they do trolls, and sometimes even fellow TV actresses. Recently, Uorfi resumed his fight with Chahatt Khanna after the latter thought it wise not to mind her own business and called her ‘cheap’ and alleged that Urfi ‘pays the media to get scouted’ and follows her as she goes practically naked.

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After earlier lashing out at Chahatt Khanna for her unhelpful and nasty comments, Urfi Javed also got upset while digging into her child support payments from her ex-husband. Urfi wrote, “What is this heinous way of dressing Uorfi? Apni apni Chahat hoti hai yar 😉 Company k hisab se toh divorce le kar, apne ex husband ka paisa apne Naye boyfriend pe lutana galat baat hai mais karne wale karte hai yar.

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Earlier, Chahatt Khanna took an unhelpful jibe out of the blue at Uorfi’s style game, when she wrote on her Insta Story, “Who’s wearing this? And in the street? I mean anyone would take their clothes off and the media would make a celebrity out of them? Are Indian media so vulnerable? It’s easy to buy that cheap publicity and media, that cheap show that you’re going to promote to our generation. Anyone would pay to spot and do anything or even go naked and wear you? It is odiously sad!! May God grant you some wisdom.

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