All of Lauren Fenmore’s Husbands on Young and Restless


Although Lauren Fenmore was the only child of department store magnate Neil Fenmore and later became a successful businesswoman, she spent her early years singing with rock star Danny Romalotti (Michael Damian), according to soap center. Despite her rebellious lifestyle, Lauren soon met and fell in love with police detective Paul Williams (Doug Davidson), much to her mother’s dismay. The couple married despite Mary Williams’ claims that Lauren was too flamboyant for her son.

During her marriage to Paul, Lauren fell victim to a stalker named Shawn Garrett who wanted to be involved in her rise to fame. Shawn’s obsession with Lauren caused significant strain on Paul and Lauren’s relationship, which was only heightened when Shawn presented her with an ultimatum. He threatened to hire a hitman to kill Paul if Lauren didn’t divorce him and move in with him instead (via Soap Opera Digest). Lauren agreed to the absurd plan in an effort to save the man she truly loved. Eventually, Shawn fell completely into psychosis and buried Lauren alive at his own mother’s grave before Paul showed up to save her. During the ordeal, Lauren suffered a miscarriage, although she never told Paul that she was pregnant.

Lauren and Paul briefly reconciled and considered remarrying before a hilarious photo debacle stopped that plan in its tracks. Lauren submitted a nude photo of Paul to a magazine contest and it ended up appearing as a centerfold, which Paul didn’t like. Lauren was forced to try and buy all the magazines back, and Paul finally decided they’d be better off as friends (via Soap Opera Digest).


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